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    Regional Science City, Lucknow
    Regional Science City, Lucknow - Inauguration Function (National Council of Science Museums)
    Aliganj Extension Sector E (Ekta Vihar)
    LUCKNOW-226 024


    Where Science is Fun !!!
    Come and learn various aspects of science in an interactive way !!!


    The Regional Science City or Centre, Lucknow is a constituent unit of the National Council of Science Museums, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It is a pioneering institute engaged in the popularization of science in the state of Uttar Pradesh since 1989. The centre, since its inception, has received more than 26 lakh visitors.


    Regional Science City Lucknow The Science City is engaged in the services to the society by popularizing and enhancing public understanding of science and technology through interactive and user-friendly exhibits and plethora of activities, both for rural and urban areas, thereby creating a scientific temper. Two main spheres of activities, targeted at the student community, are aimed to achieve this goal of popularizing science. The first involves conceptualization, design, and development of interactive, hands-on exhibits, explaining different scientific concepts, which we display in the five major galleries of our centre. The other sphere of our activity involves planning, organization and conduct of innovative educational activities that supplement traditional classroom science teaching.


    The National Council of Science Museums functions under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The Council is the premier organisation in India for popularisation of science and for creating a scientific temper among our citizens. Here science is learnt by doing it and a scientific frame in the minds of our youth is imbibed when the student visitors actually discover scientific principles themselves.


    Underwater Exploration:

    Under Water - Regional Science City Lucknow The interactive exhibits, large marine and sweet water live aquaria, video display, multimedia games and scenic recreations in this gallery not only explain the conceits of underwater phenomena, but also enlighten us with the vast resources held there in terms of food, minerals, energy, medicine transport etc..

    Biotechnological Revolution:

    The exhibits in this gallery will take you to a journey from human gene to cracking of genetic code and to biotechnological applications and emerging trends We have been using the beneficial aspects of biotechnology in our everyday life.


    Being Human:

    The 'Being Human' gallery presents a unique and fascinating view of the science of social behaviour. Indeed, human mind is an amazing world of mysteries. Understanding human behaviour is a perfect blend of work of the scientists from the world of biology and social psychology.

    SCIMAX: Presently showing Niagara Falls-The thundering Water

    SCIMAX is state of the art technology and it first of its kind in the state of U.P. It is a thrilling experience of unparallel nature. One can watch large images on the hemispherical dome screen accompanied by the digital surround sound system to get memorable experience. SCIMAX is indeed an experience of world-class education & entertainment.

    3-D Show:

    New hi-definition 3-D show presentation with an extra ordinary clarity and 3D effects which brings the excitement and thrill of 3-D alive. Seen with special polarized spectacles, the objects appear to pop up from screen. The educative films viewed in the 3D makes learning of science fun and enjoyable. At present we are showing an exciting 3-D film on BRAIN.

    Prehistoric Life Park:

    The newly developed Prehistoric Life Park at Regional Science Center, Lucknow shall take you on a journey of Prehistory. It is a recreated world of living creatures which evolved on earth. They are no more present neither anybody has ever seen them, but they are brought alive in this Prehistoric Life Park. The robotic movement of the dinosaurs with audio commentary creates a perfect ambience to know the life forms of ancient eras. Some of the fossils as old as 65 million of years are also on display in the park.

    Fun Science Gallery:

    The biggest and unique exhibit of the gallery is “Aquamobile”, where we can see different principle of science through flowing water, string less piano, Deceptive Reality, Walking Ghost, Electronic Organ, Breathing Square are the other attractions of the gallery.

    Fluidics Gallery:

    Fluidics - Regional Science City Lucknow In Fluidics Gallery working and participatory exhibits bring alive the science & technology of fluid like Air Water Interplay, Magic Tap, Ripple Tank & Vortex etc.

    Ganga: The Story of Water:

    The gallery on 'Ganga' gives vast knowledge on rich scientific heritage of India with lots of information on water & its conservation.

    Popular Science:

    Wonders of light, sound, Magnetism, Heat and many other topics explained through participating exhibits.

    Children Gallery: Meri Anokhi Duniya

    Children - Regional Science City Lucknow Colourful exhibits are presented in such a way that the children can interact and participate with their own hands on “do it yourself” basis by logical thinking.

    Science Park:

    Various participatory exhibits are installed in sprawling green park where visitors learn through play and natural habitat unfolds itself in all its beauty and fragrance.


    A brief outline of the educational programmes and activities conducted round the year is as below:


    Park - Regional Science City LucknowThis is a mini portable planetarium with an inflatable dome, to accommodate 30 visitors and they all can interact with the explainer. The 30 minutes shows leave them spell bound with the unique experience.


    A unique experience for the visitors to see science in action. Simple but thrilling experiments are performed here, which appear like magic and the explanation follows. Topics like ‘Science behind beliefs’, ‘Liquid Air shows’, ‘Unexpected Science’ are organized at regular intervals daily.


    These lectures are aimed at the school students and teachers and they are related to the curriculum of Physics, Chemistry and Life Science. These lectures are arranged on request by the schools or during the cyber-picnic programmes.

    Taramandal - Regional Science City Lucknow



    The scientists, students and teachers are brought together on one platform. The interactive lectures based on current topics of interest, are always an experience for the scientists as well as the students and teachers.


    During summer and winter vacations. Creative Ability Centre (CAC) and Hobby Camps on various disciplines of Science viz. Physics, Electrical Science, Chemistry, Electronics, Clay Modelling etc. are conducted for school students.


    In order to take science to the rural and semi urban population, Mobile Science Exhibition bus, which contains 24 exhibits, is operated. The theme of Exhibition is ‘Man: As a Tool Maker’. Science demonstrations, film/video shows and the portable planetarium accompany this programme.


    It is open for school students of Lucknow and also for neighbouring suburbs and is conducted through the year. Attractive prizes are awarded to the winners.


    The centre celebrates children’s Day every year frequently sponsored by UNICEF in which highly innovative events such as Science model competition, Science seminar & different competitive events are organized under the banner of Science Fair.


    Every year, on 07th September the Anniversary of the Centre is celebrated with a variety of programmes such as science Quiz, Painting competition, Science debate and quiz for staff etc. followed by a cultural event.


    In order to make people aware and appreciate the personalities behind the scientific development and to remember the events leading to discoveries and inventions we also commemorate various special days like World Health Day, World Telecommunication Day, National Technology Day, World Environment Day, World Population Day, World Aids Day, National Energy Conservation Day, World Ozone Day, National Science Day etc. in association with related Government organizations/NGO’s/private establishments in which a number of students from different schools of Lucknow participate in a day long programme. The programmes are held in the auditorium of the Science City.
    The collaborating organizations also achieve wide publicity through media coverage, banners, leaflets and direct contact with the potential customer or organization. The centre has a data bank of 200 schools of Lucknow, which are normally contacted for such programmes.

    Visitor Information: -

    Open on all days (Except Holi & Deepawali)
    Daily 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
    (Ticket can be purchased till 5:00 PM)

    Ticket Rates (Revised Rate from 01 April 2017)

    Category Science Centre Scimax Show 3-D Show Taramandal

    General visitors

    (सामान्य दर्शक)

    25.00 50.00 20.00 10.00 10.00

    25 or more General visitors

    (25 या उससे अधिक समूह में सामान्य दर्शक)

    20.00 40.00 15.00 10.00 10.00

    25 or more Students in organized group

    (25 या उससे अधिक विद्यार्थी समूह)

    10.00 30.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

    25 or more Govt./Municipal School Students

    (25 या उससे अधिक सरकारी/नगरपालिका के विद्यालयों का विद्यार्थी समूह)

    5.00 15.00 5.00 5.00 5.00

    BPL card holders on producing the card

    (बीपीएल कार्डधारकों के लिए)

    5.00 50.00 20.00 10.00 10.00
    • Children up to 3.4 feet of height
      (3.4 फीट तक की ऊंचाई तक के बच्चे)
    • Defence & parametric forces in uniform
      (वर्दीधारी सुरक्षाबलों एवं अर्द्धसैनिकों)
    • Physically challenged persons and
      (विकलांगों एवं)
    • ICOM members
      (आइकोम (ICOM) सदस्यों)

    For other facilities visitors have to pay specified fee as per the category.

    (अन्य सुविधाओं हेतु दर्शकों को उनकी श्रेंणी दे अनुसार निर्धारित शुल्क देना होगा)


    Contact Details: -


    Regional Science Center
    (National Council of Science Museums)
    Ministry of Culture, Government of India
    Aliganj Extension, Sector-E (Ekta Vihar),
    Lucknow, U.P - 226024


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