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    Ayodhya is 7 km from Faizabad and 135 km from Lucknow city. It is the birth place of the Hindu God Rama. Of late it has appeared in the media as a controversial site for the building of the Ram Temple at the Ram Janam Bhoomi (birthplace of Lord Rama). It came into the limelight in 1992 when the Babri Masjid, built by Babar, was demolished by a sentimentally aroused Hindu mob. The Babri masjid is believed to have been built after the demolition of a temple that existed on the site. Ayodhya is now famous for its temples, ghats and some Buddhist and Jain shrines. 50km ahead is Chapiya famous among Gujaratis for Swami Narayan Temple. Lord Swami Narayan was born in Chappiya - this is the famous sage and the Akshardham temples in Gujarat and Delhi are dedicated to him.

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