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    The foundation stone of this beautiful building of Saturn shape was laid on 28th Feb 1988 by the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Hon. Late Veer Bahadur Singh. Indira Gandhi Planetarium was inaugurated on 8th May 2003 by the Hon. Chief Minister of UP Ms. Mayawati. From 9th May 2003 Planetarium has been opened for public.


    Structure: -

    Indira Gandhi Planetarium building is in unique Saturn shape with its five rings. The 21 meters diameter spherical building of the planetarium rest on platform, which is especially designed to give an idea of crater formation on celestial bodies. The platform is surrounded by water-pool with fountains. The ground floor of the planetarium building has a space gallery with some models and charts of Indian satellites. Main auditorium of 15 meters diameter is on the first floor.

    The Capacity: - 168 seats

    Objectives: -
    The Government of Uttar Pradesh has established a Planetarium at Lucknow with following objective:

    • To provide basic information on different aspects of astronomy.
    • To popularise Astronomy.
    • To become a centre of information in the field of Astronomical research and latest developments.
    • To establish the amateur club and provide guidance to amateur astronomer and interested students.
    • To arrange astronomical exhibition, quiz and art competitions for children and common men.
    • To maintain liaison with observatories and the planetarium in and outside of the country.

    Planetarium Equipment :-
    Model G - 1518 with thirteen panorama scenes projectors and many special effect projectors from GOTO OPTICAL LTD, JAPAN. Two video CRT projectors from Barco Pvt Ltd, Belgium integrated with the projecting system.

    Project Cost: - Rs. 23 crores.

    Shows: -
    First Show "Our World and Beyond" was run from 8th May, 2003.
    Second Show "Vision Beyond Light Years" was run from 11th Dec 2003.
    Third Show "The Living Planet: Our Earth" is being running since 22 April 2004.
    The present show title is “The Comet: The bird of Passage” is running from 4th November 2004.

    Note: Show changes in every six to eight months.

    Show Duration: - 34 to 40 Min.

    Timing of Shows :-
    Regular show timings of planetarium are as follows:


    1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 PM
    (Extra show at 6:00 PM in summer)


    Morning time from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.
    9:30 am to 12:00 pm noon
    Extra shows for a group of 100 or more students against advance booking.


    First show is in English and remaining are in Hindi.


    Ticket Rate: -

    • Rs 25/- per person above 3 years of age.
    • The concessional ticket rate is Rs 15/- per student if they come in a group of 50 or more.
    • Extra show can be run as per convenience of schools, if the numbers of students are 100 or more at rate of Rs 15/- per student.
    • Free for Handicapped person.

    Unique Features: -

    • The only building in the world in Saturn shape.
    • Completely Air conditioned.
    • State of the Art Projecting system.
    • First Planetarium in India having Video Projectors to give special effect.
    • Digital Sound.
    • Barrier free passage for Handicapped with the help of ramp and lift.


    • New models and exhibits related to Indian and International space programmes are developed and being procured will be installed within one year at ground floor of the Planetarium.
    • Astronomy and Astrology related exhibits and models, multi-media will be installed at first floor of the Planetarium.
    • A 14” Telescope will be installed at 5th floor of the Vigyan Bhawan.
    • One Telescope will be installed on a vehicle which can be taken in remote area. This will help in creating curiosity and develop interest in the field of astronomy.
    • One telescope is being provided to Lucknow University. This will help the students of astronomy. Public Sky Watching will also be organized in University.
    • A 3D Theatre will also be installed in Planetarium campus.

    Number of Visitors: -
    In the financial year of 2003-2004 general public visited the Planetarium are 76030 and no. of students are 16220.


    In the financial year of 2004-2005 general public visited the Planetarium are 42253 and no. of students are 16077.


    In the current financial year i.e. April 2005 to August 2005 general public visited the Planetarium are 11357 and no. of students are 6345.

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