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    Sravasti is situated about 170 km from Lucknow. It is one of the most famous Buddhist sites. The ancient city of Sravasti, venerated by Buddhist and Jains alike, is at present a collection of ruins called SAHET - MAHET. This twin name is applied to two distinct groups of remains, Sahet and Mahet. Sahet is the site of the famous Buddhist monastery known as JETAVANA VIHAR, which lay outside the limits of the Sravasti city. The latter is identified with modern Mahet. The ruins at Sahet consist mainly of plinths and foundation of monasteries and stupas, all Buddhist. The other site i.e., Mahet situated at about 500m from the site denotes the ancient city proper.

    It is termed to be an ancient capital of Koshal kingdom. It is here that you find the 'Stupas' known as 'Kachhi Kuti' and 'Pakki Kuti'. The monastery where Lord Buddha lived for several years is here. This is also the birthplace of Sambhavanatha the third Tirthankar of Jains.

    Buddha Purnima the day of the birth of Lord Buddha is celebrated at all Buddhist temples at Shravasti in a big way.

    How to Reach


    Lucknow Airport is nearest airport for Sravasti. From where Sravasti can be reached by road or rail via Gonda.


    Balrampur is the nearest railway station. Sravastiis is about 17 Km from this station which can be covered by road.


    Bus services are available from all major neighboring centres . Sravasti is 119 km from Basti and 17 km from Balrampur.

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