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A group of all planets in the sky consisting of 360 degrees is divided in 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each, called Zodiac signs (Rashi). These Zodiac signs are named according to their appearance / shapes. Each Zodiac signs (Rashi) has its lord planet (GRAH). Nature, characteristics etc. of a person born under the influence of aparticular Zodiac signs (Rashi) are found to bear similarities with that of its Zodiac signs (Rashi) appearance / shapes.

Here it has been tried to make one aware as to how these Zodiac signs & planet (GRAH) affect us. Usually the Rashi is calculated in accordance to Moon's position at the time of birth and is more authantic. However in the absence of the same, Rashi may also be known by just beginning name pronunciationof any one, as shown in the description of each Rashi. Attempt has been made to describe in nut shell here how one can know one's Rashi and its lord planet (GRAH), nature & characteristics etc. alongwith their effect on routine life. Generally own Rashi is found favourable, one can also know which are favourable / unfavourable Rashis for Relation- ship , Friend-ship, Mental status & Partner-ship etc. Remidial measures for ill effect if any of these planets are suggested by way of Mantras i.e. Spell practice (Mute Repetation), Sorcery accomplishment (To keep Yantra), Gem therapy, Root(in place of Gem) therapy, Colour therapy, Donation, Fasting aim & Worship performance. These Remidial measures may also be adopted for nutralizing ill effects of any known key planet (other than Rashi related planet). It may be beneficial to ensure that these Remidial measures as described are adopted in sufficient quantity and on requirement only.

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