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    Hathi park is situated in between railway and road bridge of Daliganj on MG Marg from Hazratganj to Rumi Gate. As other parks nearby, this park also gets its name due to a special structure in it, a large statue of an elephant (Hathi) made by concrete & cement. The main attraction of Hathi park. With a help of ledger, build through elephant stomach, one can reach on the top of elephant and can sit there.

    The park is equipped with games and grass covered open area. Most of visitor prefer evening time in summers and daytime in winters. One cafeteria is inside the park for snacks and ice cream, but bhelpuri from small veranda outside is immensely popular.


    Travel Information:


    Location: Between railway and road bridge of Daliganj, on road from Hazratganj to Rumi Gate.


    Park Timings: April to September 07:00 pm to 9 pm, October to March 08:00 am to 08:00 pm

    Entrance Tickets: Rs. 5/- per person. Entry for children below 5 years is free.

    Elephant Statue Ticket: Rs. 2/- per person

    Parking Availability: Yes

    Parking Ticket: Rs.10/- per four hours for bikes; Rs.20/- per four hours for cars

    Washroom Availability: Yes

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