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    A white marble tower was raised opposite to the Residency to mark the first centenary of the Mutiny of 1857 and is a mark of respect for the thousands of unknown warriors who laid down their lives for the freedom and glory of their nation. The tower of Shaheed Smarak Park was designed by famous architect Prasanna Kothi.

    Shaheed Smarak is surrounded by a beautifully decorated park with lot of trees and grass, make it a nice place to visit at any time of the day. On the north side of Shaheed Smarak, River Gomti makes the boundary for it. Shaheed Smarak is among the very few places in Lucknow where one can enjoy boating in river Gomti, although it is not a paddle boating as in Buddha Park.


    Timings: April to September 07:00 pm to 9:00 pm, October to March 08:00 am to 08:00 pm

    Entrance Tickets: Free for all

    Parking Availability: Yes

    Parking Ticket: Rs.10/- per four hours for bikes; Rs.20/- per four hours for cars

    Washroom Availability: Yes

    Nearby Places: Distance from Shaheed Smarak

    Residency - 50 meters south, in front of Shaheed Smarak

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    Buddha park - 2.5 km west - Next to Daliganj railway bridge

    Bada Imambara - 3.5 km west

    Bhool Bhilaiya - 3.5 km west - inside Bada Imambara

    Rumi Darwaza - 3.5 km west

    Gulab Vatika - 3.5 km west

    Ghanta Ghar - 4 km west

    Chhota Imambara - 4.5 km west

    Planeterium - 1.5 meters west

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